The device can measure maximum four targets simultaneously and provides Distance and Angle data of them, also provides Biological information of human Heart and Respiration rates.  The application examples are Intrusion sensor and people monitoring in Care house.  Wireless connectivity are integrated for remote monitoring purpose.

- Interface : WiFi and Ethernet
- SDK for Cloud interface available
- Measurable Heart and Respiration rates even
  when Blankets and Clothing exist
- Contactless monitoring
- Multiple Biological data measurement possible
  and suitable for the Care-house.
Note: The product is NOT designed for Medical equipment and the data cannot be used as nursing or medical information.




miRadar8 48e-EV logo
The product is 79GHz Radar module, and can measure a Distance, Azimuth (horizontal and vertical) and velocity of the target.  Achieved high accuracy of 3D detection by using MIMO 48 virtual array, and high resolution of distance by 4GHz bandwidth.  The USB 3.0 provides high speed receiving data transmission to the host PC.

Avoidance system (Drone, AGV, etc), Traffic Monitoring, Proximity sensing for Construction machinery, Robotics, Vital Sign Monitor, People count and flow monitoring.


miRadarTM8 《VSM》生体計測ミリ波センサー

Vital Sign Monitor Development Kit

The miRadar® 8 <VSM> is a Vital Sign Monitor system evaluation kits for the miRadar® 8 <Card>, and an user setup tool of measurement conditions to get suitable setups.  The user can setup a measurement range as distance, number of targets, and thresholds of targets Heart and Respiration numbers, with a consideration of Raw and FFT data.  This is very flexible tool and the user can save the setup and use it for system design.


miRadarTM8 gradar搭載用


Specialized for Grader application

Backward Monitoring to prevent collision, Short range Vehicle detection